RE: WAI website redesign preview available

Looks great. Congrats to Eric and the team!

Will follow up with any questions if I have any.


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Subject: WAI website redesign preview available

Hi EOWG folks,

Eric has uploaded an updated beta of the WAI website redesign!

IMPORTANT: *We are not ready to announce this yet*. If all goes well, we will announce it next week, and let you know so you can help spread the news.

Please see the Status, Planned Changes, and Known Issues at <>

If you have any comments, please submit them before 4:00pmE on *Monday 30 April*.

It's at:

You might need to do a hard refresh to get the new version. To confirm you have the updated one, under "Making the Web Accessible", there are no boxes around the W3C, WAI, You sections.

~Shawn & Eric

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