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Hi Stéphane,

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> Hi Eric,
> I've committed a start this morning here: 
> (Intro and Lee sections are now in French)
> For technical reasons I can only work on the MD file but not see the 
> final result.

You should be able to enable GitHub pages and see the result:

![]( "GitHub pages 
enabled in settings")

Your URL would then be (it always 
takes a few seconds until the changes are reflected).

> I have a few questions though:
> ·         I think it would be good to translate names to French. In 
> this case should I leave all anchors as they are or translate them? 
> What do you think?

Hm. We picked the names to be international and diverse, so I guess we 
don’t want a translation of the names. But let’s check with the 
planning team/EO before making firm decisions.

(If we decide on changing names in translation, we would want to have 
all anchors the same across translations to ease the burden on people 
translating other documents that link here.)

> ·         How do you provide for foreign language in MD and your 
> compiler? For example:
> o    I've marked up spans with the lang attribute, will it work?

That should be fine.

> o    I don't think Markdown makes it possible to markup hreflang 
> attributes, is there any workaround that you know of?

The markdown engine that we use 
has support for the hreflang attribute (and others) via the following 

[Test]({: hreflang="fr"}

> Thanks a lot for any input you can give me <3

I hope that helps :-)


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