Re: Join editorial group for WCAG 2.1 new Understanding docs

Congratulations to everyone (across workgroups).  As EOWG responds, I 
know it will be great, as are all of the other materials produced by 
this fabulous collection of talented people. I don't know that I can 
contribute weekly, but I surely would love to try.  My persistent issue 
is that I am not at my core a technical person, and as I read through 
github or minutes I'm not sure my contributions would be relevant.  If 
you would like to keep me with this proviso, I would certainly try.


On 6/6/18 9:14 AM, Sharron Rush wrote:
> WCAG 2.1 was officially published as a W3C Recommendation yesterday. 
> The Understanding documents are still being edited for clarity and 
> plain language. Please join Norah Sinclair who is leading the effort 
> on the part of EOWG to contribute to these important documents. See 
> what's new in WCAG 2.1 
> <>
> Reply to this email if you are interested in contributing. You will be 
> added to the small group who meet weekly to review and consolidate 
> comments as part of their active EO commitment.
> Thank you,
> Sharron, Brent, and Shawn

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