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uriparser 0.6.4 released Sebastian Pipping (Monday, 25 February)

uris and resources Erik Wilde (Monday, 25 February)

Some editorial comments about RFC 5234 Nicolas Krebs (Sunday, 24 February)

Re: Updated news-nntp-uri I-D Frank Ellermann (Sunday, 24 February)

How should empty path segments (e.g. a//c) treated in normalization? Sebastian Pipping (Sunday, 24 February)

Syntax-based normalization on relative URIs? Sebastian Pipping (Thursday, 21 February)

how to recognize non-http resources identified by http uris Erik Wilde (Thursday, 14 February)

uriparser 0.6.3 released Sebastian Pipping (Monday, 11 February)

uriparser 0.6.2 released Sebastian Pipping (Friday, 8 February)

Re: URIs for the standard output and input streams Lisa Dusseault (Tuesday, 5 February)

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