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XProc face-to-face meeting at the W3C Technical Plenary in Mandelieu Norman Walsh (Thursday, 31 July)

Add RNC to p:validate-with-relax-ng Innovimax SARL (Thursday, 31 July)

XProc Agenda 31 July 2008 Norman Walsh (Thursday, 31 July)

I think p:import-schema is too big and too late for V1 Norman Walsh (Friday, 25 July)

Review of section 2.6 Henry S. Thompson (Friday, 25 July)

Notes from non-meeting of 24 July Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 24 July)

omit-xml-declaration 'true' by default in p:escape-markup (Thursday, 24 July)

p:import-schema (Thursday, 24 July)

XProc Agenda 24 July 2008 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 23 July)

$p:index vs position() Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 22 July)

c:param name="x:foo" namespace="someURI"? Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 22 July)

p:namespaces proposals Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 22 July)

4.4.1 p:xpath-context Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 19 July)

4.8 Extensions steps Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 19 July)

2.5 Environement Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 19 July)

paragraph missing about the use of RFC2119 Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 19 July)

2.7.7 Other XPath Extension Functions Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 19 July)

p:xpath-version Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 19 July)

p:language Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 19 July)

p:episode Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 19 July)

Function: string p:system-property(string property) Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 19 July)

typos Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 19 July)

p:hash Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 19 July)

My action on dynamic error codes Norman Walsh (Friday, 18 July)

18 July editor's draft includes new p:file Norman Walsh (Friday, 18 July)

Re: typo in the spec Norman Walsh (Friday, 18 July)

Re: exclude-inline-prefixes or ignore-inline-prefixes? Innovimax SARL (Thursday, 17 July)

Attempt to implement p:import-schema Norman Walsh (Thursday, 17 July)

media types encoded as unicode in c:http-request response conversion Alex Milowski (Thursday, 17 July)

uniformity between p:input, c:http-request, and steps like XQuery Alex Milowski (Thursday, 17 July)

XProc Agenda 17 July 2008 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 16 July)

overloading definition in p:pipeline Innovimax SARL (Monday, 14 July)

XProc telcon cancelled: 10 July 2008 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 9 July)

for the record, my Winged Horse message was misleading Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 3 July)

PSVI properties, and also schema-import Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 3 July)

XPath-version Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 2 July)

XProc Agenda 3 July 2008 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 2 July)

Re: Strange duplicates in the dbwg list Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 1 July)

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