PSVI properties, and also schema-import

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One more bullet is needed in 2.7, or perhaps just a
clarification of bullet (1): steps in subpipelines which take their
input from the 'current' ports of viewport or for-each count as
'connected' for the purposes of this bullet

I think all that's needed wrt e.g. [validation root] is to add a
clause to bullet (2), along the lines of ", except for values which
are outside the selected subset, as for example [validation root] will
almost always be."

Wrt types and import-schema and so on, QT says:

  "An unknown schema type might be encountered, for example, if a
   source document has been validated using a schema that was not
   imported into the static context. In this case, an implementation
   is allowed (but is not required) to provide an
   implementation-dependent mechanism for determining whether the
   unknown schema type is derived from the expected schema type. For
   example, an implementation might maintain a data dictionary
   containing information about type hierarchies."

This is what is ofter referred to as "The Winged Horse". Which,
bizarrely, does _not_ cover substitution groups.

So, Jenny notwithstanding, and noting the Michael Kay writes "You can
avoid these problems by explicitly importing all the schemas that are
used to validate documetns used by your XPath expressions", I guess I
think we need p:import-schema or, at the very least, a change to the
definition of the in-scope schema definitions in the static context to
be implementation-defined, with the comment "Implementations SHOULD
make all the schemas used in schema validation steps available via
this property". . .

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