Re: param name="x:foo" namespace="someURI"?

/ was heard to say:
|> Why did we do that? It implies that
|>   <c:param xmlns:x=""
|>            name="x:foo"
|>            namespace="http://this-namespace/"
|>            value="bar"/>
|> produces a parameter named "foo" in the 
|> "http://this-namespace/" namespace.
|> That seems...misleading at best. Why didn't we make that an error?
| I think one possible use of the 'namespace' attribute would be for
| parameters that are dynamically generated (I think there is no easy way
| to create namespace declarations in XProc). Perhaps we could make 'name'
| a NCName?

Right. If you use @namespace, I'm thinking that @name should be an NCName.

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