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Introducing a new XG member - L. Le Meur Laurent Le Meur (Tuesday, 31 October)

[MMSEM] 2nd F2F venue details Raphaël Troncy (Thursday, 26 October)

[MMSEM] Telecon minutes of 26/10/2006 Raphaël Troncy (Thursday, 26 October)

regrets Patrizia Asirelli (Thursday, 26 October)

[MMSEM-UC] Tagging UC status George Anadiotis (Thursday, 26 October)

Regrets for teleconf October 26 George Anadiotis (Thursday, 26 October)

[MMSEM UC] MPEG-7 metadata interoperability Use case - comments Raphaël Troncy (Thursday, 26 October)

Regrets Melliyal Annamalai (Wednesday, 25 October)

[MMSEM] 26 Oct Telecon Stamatia Dasiopoulou (Wednesday, 25 October)

Agenda 26 October Telecon 1600 UTC Raphaël Troncy (Wednesday, 25 October)

[UC] Algorithm representation- new version on line Massimo Martinelli (Wednesday, 25 October)

regrets Ioannis Pratikakis (Wednesday, 25 October)

[MMSEM] 3R: Remarks, Requests, and Regrets Hausenblas, Michael (Tuesday, 24 October)

[MMSEM-Vocabulary] Request for contribution Hausenblas, Michael (Monday, 23 October)

RE: MM-SEM XG: Vocabularies Hausenblas, Michael (Monday, 23 October)

Telecon 26 October Hobson Paola-BPH001 (Saturday, 21 October)

regrets for teleconf October 26 Thomas Franz (Wednesday, 18 October)

First draft of the "Multimedia Semantics: Overview of Relevant Resources" page is online Pasquale Popolizio (Wednesday, 18 October)

[MMSEM] Eat your own dog food Hausenblas, Michael (Monday, 16 October)

RE: [MMSEM] Telecon minutes of 12/10/2006 - usage of DOAP Hausenblas, Michael (Friday, 13 October)

[MMSEM] Late regrets Alessio Cartocci (Thursday, 12 October)

[MMSEM] Late regrets Alessio Cartocci (Thursday, 12 October)

[MMSEM] Telecon minutes of 12/10/2006 Raphaël Troncy (Thursday, 12 October)

[MMSEM] Late regrets Giovanni Tummarello (Thursday, 12 October)

[MMSEM-UC] Update on MPEG-7 metadata interoperability use case Stamatia Dasiopoulou (Thursday, 12 October)

LLF UC -> SMR UC Ioannis Pratikakis (Thursday, 12 October)

[MMSEM-Tool] Maintaining the Tools wiki page Raphaël Troncy (Thursday, 12 October)

[MMSEM] Image Annotation on the SW review Stamatia Dasiopoulou (Wednesday, 11 October)

Telecon 12 October Hobson Paola-BPH001 (Tuesday, 10 October)

Wiki Homepages and General Remarks VassilisTzouvaras (Tuesday, 10 October)

[MMSEM] FTF2 now ready for registration Jeff Z. Pan (Tuesday, 10 October)

Agenda 12 October Telecon 1600 UTC Raphaël Troncy (Tuesday, 10 October)

Multimedia Semantics XG and UPF Raphaël Troncy (Tuesday, 10 October)

Re: [MMSEM-UC] not ready for the review yet Raphaël Troncy (Tuesday, 10 October)

[MMSEM-Vocabulary] Action03@Telecon 2 Oct 2006: Vocabularies page now in MMSEM-XG Hausenblas, Michael (Monday, 9 October)

Late regrets: Agenda 2 October Telecon 1600 UTC Roberto Ellero (Monday, 2 October)

[MMSEM] Comments on the "Image annotation on the Semantic Web" document George Anadiotis (Monday, 2 October)

[MMSEM] Telecon minutes of 02/10/2006 Jacco van Ossenbruggen (Monday, 2 October)

Re: Agenda 2 October Telecon 1600 UTC Ioannis Pratikakis (Monday, 2 October)

Telecon 2 October Hobson Paola-BPH001 (Monday, 2 October)

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