Re: [MMSEM-Vocabulary] Request for contribution

Dear Michael and Chris,

It is an amazing work !!! Thanks you very much.
This page looks every day better :-)
Some remarks:
    - I like your section 2, and the categorization proposed by Barry Smith,
but I have to admit that I don't understand the "Code" field of the table
:-s Use the color to mark the name of the category, not only the examples.
    - I like the distinction between the section 3 and 5, that is the
current existing vocabularies, in their original form, and their SW
conversion. I would put the section 5 in 4 ...
    - The section 4 needs still to be precised to see if it will be useful.
Take care that any comparison is biaised with the goal of the comparison,
that will certainly be different from an application / user to another. You
might want to stick to a purely description of the existing resources, and
keep your comparison for a scientific paper you would like to publish :-)
    - I think the section 3 in its current form is quite indigest. I'm
wondering if we could somewhere further categorize these vocabularies, maybe
according to the type of media they concern, but any other classification is
welcome !
Furthermore, are "All Music Guide (AMG)", "MusicBrainz Metadata Initiative
2.1" and "Compact Disc Database (CDDB)" really vocabularies ?

About your request, I will try to update the NewsML and TVAnytime
description soon.


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