[MMSEM-UC] Low-level feature extraction use case

Dear Susanne and Ioannis,

> I could not attend the last Telco but I could rework the
> low level feature extraction use case to make it suitable
> to the desired structure and prepare it for a later review.

Great, excellent, thanks Susanne !
Ioannis, you were the one who originally proposed this use case, during the
Amsterdam F2F meeting. I have put on the wikis your original thoughts ...
The use case is now different with the view of Susanne. Do you share this
view ? Would you like to work together with Susanne ? Please speak up !

> However, my interest would be a combination of tagging
> and low level features (mainly) for images. I can make it a
> photo low level feature use case and we can see what the
> other think. So my use case would be targeted in the field
> of http://www.w3.org/TR/photo-rdf/

I think that could make an ideal use case and I strongly encourage you !
Actually, I was looking for a use case that could take back the work done
around rdfpic and this note in particular :-)

Best regards.


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