[MMSEM] Eat your own dog food

Chairs, dear MMSEMer,

Motivated by the fact that RaphaŽl proposed to use DOAP in our XG and contemplating about
that one of our tasks is to find good arguments to convince W3C and the rest of the world that
SW-technologies in general is a good thing and specially w.r.t. media it is worth it, I'd like
to propose the following:

1. Practicing SW-technologies, we should use RDFa [1] in the Wiki to markup the UC in
a machine-processable way. We could then use GRDDL [2] and SPARQL [3] to create an overview
of the UC and communicate what we are doing in a more automated way.

2. Extending Zakim/RRSAgent to "understand" what we are talking about. Regarding Zakim this
would yield an online support w.r.t. general commands (mute, queue etc.) and w.r.t. a certain domain 
(in our case: MMSEM). RRSAgent could be extended to dump all what has been said in a Telecon and using 
ASR in conjunction with SW-technologies to create a machine-processable version of the minutes and again
using SPARQL to query it.

For both activities it might be worth setting up a small taxonomy/ontology that
describes "our" domain, that is to formalize the W3C activities (WG, IG, XG, group members, etc.) 
and our tasks/output (UC, topics, vocabularies, etc.).

What do you think about it?


[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml-rdfa-primer/
[2] http://research.talis.com/2006/grddl-wg/primer.html
[3] http://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-sparql-query/

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