RE: [MMSEM] Telecon minutes of 12/10/2006 - usage of DOAP


Regarding the usage of DOAP in our XG, I'd like to propose to use the approach
taken in the ESW Wiki:


BTW: In case any assistance/work/etc. is requested: YES, I'd be able to contribute ;)

 Michael Hausenblas, MSc.
 Institute of Information Systems & Information Management
 JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

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>Dear all,
>The minutes of today's meeting are at
>Next telecon is scheduled for Thursday 26/10/2006, 16:00 UTC
>The summary of Action Points read:
>  ACTION: ALL read and give comments on the various use cases, authors
>update their status. All use cases will have reviewers nominated next
>  [NEW] ACTION: Giovanni, send an update status to the list of this use
>case as soon as possible [recorded in
>  [NEW] ACTION: Raphael addresses the comments on "Image Annotation on
>the Semantic Web document" by next telecon change the css style (XG
>report) change the syntax of the examples (N3) and the graphs (IsaViz)
>[recorded in]
>  [NEW] ACTION: Raphael to add the NewsML entry on the 
>vocabularies wiki
>page by next telecon [recorded in
>  [NEW] ACTION: Thierry, Paul, Melli to do their wiki page [recorded in
>  [PENDING] ACTION: Giovanni to maintain the Tool page [recorded in
>  [PENDING] ACTION: Michael to maintain the Vocabularies Page [recorded
>  [PENDING] ACTION: Pasquale to maintain the Resources Page 
>[recorded in
>    RaphaŽl
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