[MMSEM] Comments on the "Image annotation on the Semantic Web" document

ACTION: ALL give comments on the "Image annotation on the Semantic Web"
Working Draft [recorded in

I recently went through this document, so here are my comments. Overall, i
think the document is coherent and adequately demonstrates benefits of
applying SW standards to solve issues pertaining Image annotation.

My only 'real' comments have to do with:
1. Section 4. I think it looks a bit misplaced in this document - maybe it
would be better to move this to the Tools overview document.
2. The possible Semantic Web-based solution for UC 5.4 does not match the
style of the other possible solutions, as it is quite limited in detail.
Although i think maybe this approach is preferable for readability
reasons, it is probably easier to expand this one instead of limiting the
rest in order to achieve a uniform approach throughout the document.

In addition, some minor typos/grammar/syntax that i located here and there:

* In
'the radio documents' should be 'radio documents'.
New paragraph after 'indexed by their content'
'fine-grain enough detailed' should be 'detailed enough'
'director client' should be 'director'
'scored with its head' should be 'scored with a header'
'goal action' should be 'goal shot'

* In
'an health-care' should be 'a health-care'

* In
'more complex that' should be 'more complex than'

2. Generic vs task-specific annotation: vs should be versus to match the
rest of the items in the list
4. New paragraph after 'Dublin Core and VRA Core'
New paragraph after 'formality etc'
New paragraph after 'images of Indian deities'

* In
'provokes' should be 'causes'

'No special annotation tools where used' should be 'No special annotation
tools were used'

* In
'Image regions can defined' should be 'Image regions can be defined'

George Anadiotis
PhD Researcher
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