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Dear Patrizia, Suzanne, Massimo and Ovidio,

> A new version of the Algorithm representation use case has been
> published on the wiki
> (

Thanks for this update ! Now, I understand much better your use case, and I also
think that it fits well with the interoperability problems we would like to address
in this group.

What I think is missing in the current description, is a concrete example explaining
the problem described in section 1. You might then insert a new section before the
solution, where you take some real multimedia (in *my* broad sense) material (for
example, a radiology image), and you explain which kind of transformation you would
like to apply to these image and record in the annotations to be later further
reuse. Give also some concrete examples with the analysis data you would like to
merge with. This example will help you to futher develop your solution.
In the solution part, you can then show a subset of the ontology relevant for the
example detailed above (i.e. the concepts and properties necessary to represent the
data and the transformation).
Your last section, "Possible Applications", could again re-use this example and
explain that this kind of examples can be found in various domains and that your
solution is finally quite generic ...

If you plan to develop an example in the medical domain, then you might (or might
not) try to work with Melli, since it is possible that the problem you would like to
address is a generalization of Melli's problem ...
Hope it helps !

Best regards.


P.S: greetings to Suzanne from all the colleagues in CWI with who you have already
worked :-)

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