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Dear Roberto,

Thank you very much for this comment. I've updated the according title and the pointer to the ontology - there is still
a lot to do (for me :). In case you would like to comment about the description of your ontology or want to contribute 
directly to the wording, your input is most welcome!


BTW: I hope you don't mind me CCing the XG - helps us keep track of change requests.

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>Dear Michael,
>I would like to pose you some comments about the Vocabularies wiki
>page you are maintaining at the MM-SEM XG.
>I have moved away from the DMAG research group so the "MPEG-7 Ontology
>by DMAG" is now the "MPEG-7 Ontology by Rhizomik". Therefore, the
>ontology is no longer available at the provided URL. It is now at
>In this URL, a part from the MPEG-7 ontology and pointers to the
>methodology employed to generate it, there are some ontologies for
>Classification Schemes and a simple example. The example shows how
>this methodology can also map existing instance XML data based on
>MPEG-7 to RDF based on the MPEG-7 ontology.
>I hope this information helps you maintaining the wiki page.
>Best regards,
>Roberto García

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