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[imsc] APA WG comment: Add introduction (#522)

[imsc] APA WG comment: Add note on alt text (#521)

[imsc] APA WG comment: Author proposes, user disposes (#523)

[imsc] APA WG comment: Reference to WCAG 2.1 (#519)

[imsc] APA WG comment: Requested Additional WCAG 2.1 References (#520)

[imsc] APA WG comment: semantic layers (#524)

[imsc] CSS font-matching algorithm may introduce fingerprinting issues (#530)

[imsc] Pull Request: Reference the CSS discussion related to font-based fingerprinting attacks and mitigation strategies

[imsc] Pull Request: Update per CR publication

[imsc] Pull Request: Update TTML2 ref to point to TTML2 2ED

[imsc] Pull Request: Use https scheme for resource URLs in examples (#533)

[imsc] Update TTML2 ref to point to TTML2 2nd Ed (#531)

[imsc] use https scheme for resource URLs in examples (#533)

[ttml2] link to fontSelectionStrategy from lineHeight algorithm points to fontStyle (#1200)

[ttml2] security and privacy risks of insecure transport / mixed content (#1201)

Call for Exclusions: TTML Profiles for Internet Media Subtitles and Captions 1.2

Closed: [imsc] Reference WHATWG HTML instead of W3C HTML5 (#529)

IMSC 1.2 missing

privacy/security review of IMSC 1.2

spec timeline on web/github (was: Re: {Minutes} TTWG Meeting 2020-02-27)

TTWG meeting 2020-03-05 and DST

{DRAFT Agenda} TTWG meeting 2020-03-05

{DRAFT Agenda} TTWG Meeting 2020-03-12

{DRAFT Agenda} TTWG Meeting 2020-03-19

{DRAFT Agenda} TTWG Meeting 2020-03-26

{DRAFT Agenda} TTWG Meeting 2020-04-02

{Minutes} TTWG Meeting 2020-03-05

{Minutes} TTWG Meeting 2020-03-12

{Minutes} TTWG Meeting 2020-03-19

{Minutes} TTWG Meeting 2020-03-26

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