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W3C invites W3C Community Groups to meet at TPAC 2016 Coralie Mercier (Friday, 29 January)

Proposal: starting document for what we cover. Phil Barker (Thursday, 28 January)

Notes from kick-off meeting Phil Barker (Thursday, 28 January)

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Open Syllabus project Dan Brickley (Monday, 25 January)

Schema course extension kick off meeting: Invitation to WebEx meeting Phil Barker (Wednesday, 20 January)

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Deadline Extension: WWW 2016 Developers Day CFP Oshani Seneviratne (Tuesday, 12 January)

A road map for the schema course extension? Phil Barker (Friday, 8 January)

Schema course extension kick-off call Phil Barker (Wednesday, 6 January)

RE: Welcome & Introductions Robby Robson (Monday, 4 January)

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