Re: New use case for online courses schema

On 14 January 2016 at 09:59, Phil Barker <> wrote:

> Thanks Wes.
> I think the parts are not always, necessarily sequential. Also I think the
> actual sequencing strays from what is necessary for course discovery into
> what is necessary for course delivery, and that is an area that I would
> like to keep out of scope for now (we can discuss that if you disagree)
>   hasPart/isPartOf
>   prerequisite
>   extension (of some sort)
> may be relevant relationships. The latter two could be expressed as
> educational alignments.

In general terms - and from a search engine perspective -  there are plenty
of ways in which this sort of information (sequencing/hierarchy,
prerequisites and outcomes etc.) could be used in search functionality that
improved course discovery. While I applaud efforts to keep to a focussed
core and not sprawl off into describing all education-related data, the
discovery-vs-delivery line is a hard one to draw.


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