date set: Schema course extension kick-off call

Dear all,
The date for the schema course extension kick-off call is set for Monday 
25 Jan at 1800 UTC
(World Clock: )

The meeting will be about how to meet the aim of the group. I will put 
together an agenda over the next week or so. If anyone has any items for 
the agenda please let me know.

All the best, Phil

On 11/01/2016 10:23, Phil Barker wrote:
> Last chance to indicate availability for a kick-off call for the 
> schema-course-extension community group. I will close the poll tomorrow.
> Currently the best looking slot is Mon 25 Jan, 1800UTC, so please 
> indicate if your availability for that time has changed.
> Poll at
> Regards, Phil
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> Subject:  Schema course extension kick-off call
> Date:  Wed, 6 Jan 2016 15:20:13 +0000
> From:  Phil Barker <>
> To:
> Hello all,
> thank you for your interest in the schema course extension community
> group[1].  Thank you also for the votes of confidence in me as chair. I
> will do my best.
> I think it would be useful to have a kick off meeting to discuss how to
> meet the aim of the group, that is  "to develop an extension for
> concerning the discovery of any type of educational course".
> I have set up a doodle poll to try to find the most convenient date and
> time for such a call, please indicate your availability at
> The time options are based on my best guess for where people are based,
> apologies if I have excluded anyone (let me know, I try to do better
> next time). I'll circulate more detailed agenda and background
> information before the meeting.
> As a W3C community group we don't have access to any special W3C web
> conferencing facilities. I think that the number of people in the group
> is still within the nominal limits for skype calls and Google hangouts,
> so those are my best options for how to hold the call. I know neither of
> these is perfect, so if anyone has access to any better conferencing
> facility that they could let us use I would be really pleased to hear
> from you.
> If you took a break over Christmas I hope that you had as good a time of
> it as I did. Now, let's get course descriptions into schema.  Phil.
> 1.
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