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Yes, I agree that is a valid use case. I think this may also be useful in
> describing how universities offer degree programs which are modular.
> [Language is difficult here, in the UK both program and module get called
> 'course' and I think that in the US program is used slightly differently].

You are correct, Phil, terminology in this regard is quite different in the
US. We'd not use "course" to denote a program of study (e.g., set of
courses leading to a degree or certification). In HE in the US, programs of
study frequently/usually align with "major" (i.e., "I majored in Theatre
Arts" being the equivalent of "I pursued a program of study in Theatre
Arts"). However, we do hear the occasional "course of study".

Here are a few examples of actual usage around programs of study:

"A program of study is a comprehensive, structured approach for delivering
academic and career and technical education to prepare students for
postsecondary education and career success."

"The programs of study, known as [degree] majors..."

"The program of study in a major provides coherence, focus, depth,
sequencing, and synthesis of learning."

e.g., "Theatre Arts Major":

> Anyway, the closest use case to what you describe is the very last one
> "Use case 7 student on one course wants to find courses to which they can
> transfer:  the searcher is already taking a course and they wish to
> transfer ... perhaps having completed a course they wish to continue
> studying in more depth" I think it is worth breaking out this case in more
> detail and to include the case of someone looking for such a track from the
> outset.

I agree that it is worth "breaking out" as a separate case since it can be
quite distinct from any notions of "transfer" of course credits earned to
fulfill a similar course requirement in a different institutional program.


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