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[ALL[ agenda 20 Jul telecon

[ALL] Agenda 06 July 2011 Telecon

[ALL] VOIP-only for Non-US Zakim Use

[Turtle] spec minutia

about utf-8 support in N-Triples

ACTION-60: Discuss Turtle doc schedule with ericP

Alternate proposal for new terms for g-snap, g-box and g-text

Blog post about RDF literals

CfC: Publish Turtle as First Public Working Draft

Closing a few more issues

Codepoints in Turtle grammar

Fwd: Tag-less literals and literals with empty tags

Fwd: Transition Request for Turtle FPWD

Graph terminology in spec text.

Issue housekeeping slip?

Minutes from 22 June?

minutes from last week

Proposal for ISSUE-12 language-tagged literals

Proposing new terms for g-snap and g-text

RDF Concepts draft updated, incl. all-new section on literals

RDF Working Group Minutes of 20 July 2011

RDF-ISSUE-67 (escapedPNames): \xxxx escaping in prefixed names [RDF Turtle]

RDF-ISSUE-68 (rdf-concepts-redundancy): Informative section ‚??RDF Concepts‚?? in rdf-concepts spec is redundant

RDF-ISSUE-69 (fragments): Handling of fragment identifiers in RDF Concepts

RDF-ISSUE-70 (xsd-in-rdf-concepts): RDF Concepts should mention all datatypes defined in the core specs

RDF-ISSUE-71 (String Literals 2): Reconcile various forms of string literals (time permitting) [Cleanup tasks]

RDF-ISSUE-72 (rdfxml-rdfconcepts-relationship): Introduction of RDF/XML spec doesn't explain relationship to RDF Concepts [Cleanup tasks]


Regrets for 7-13-11 telecon

Some comments re: the current Turtle working draft

Tag-less literals and literals with empty tags

Tiny comment on the Turtle Doc

Turtle BNF from current Turtle working draft

Turtle comments

Two thoughts on Turtle

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