Re: Proposal for ISSUE-12 language-tagged literals

Le 16/07/2011 18:03, Andy Seaborne a écrit :
> On 14/07/11 08:36, Antoine Zimmermann wrote:
>> In your proposal, rdf:Text is equivalent to rdf:PlainLiteral so it seems
>> redundent.
>> Moreover, rdf:PlainLiteral was originally called rdf:text (see
>> for instance) but this
>> name was rejected because the concept of "text" includes many other
>> features like directionality, font, structure, etc.
> I don't think it's equivalent because by using a definition named by
> IRI, you are buying into using everything about definition.

By equivalent, I meant as in owl:equivalentClass, not as in owl:sameAs. 
That is, the extension is the same, and the effect on range statement is 
the same.

> We can't pick some of the rdf:PlainLiteral definition and not also
> introduce the rest of the spec. rdf:PlainLiteral is a datatype and has a
> lexical space. By using it, we pull in the use of "foo@"^^rdf:PlainLiteral.

If we do rely on the rdf:PlainLiteral strictly, then we do *not* pull in 
the use of "foo@"^^rdf:PlainLiteral because the spec says that you MUST 
use "foo"@en instead.

 From Sect.4:
"applications that employ this datatype MUST use plain literals (instead 
of rdf:PlainLiteral typed literals) whenever a syntax for plain literals 
is provided, such as in existing syntaxes for RDF graphs and SPARQL 

> I do agree "text" can also apply to various aspects - but I can't think
> of an alternative name best is rdf:TextString but that still says "text".

I have no problem with rdf:Text personally (in fact, I find it quite 
good) but we should take into account the precedent created by the 
rejection of rdf:text in the past.

> Andy

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