Closing a few more issues

Here are some more candidate issues that we can quickly get rid of:

ISSUE-7: Linked Data aspects for mapping RDB2RDF

PROPOSAL: The WG is of the opinion that the charter's requirement to support the linked data principles is adequately addressed by the Direct Mapping and R2RML, with the caveat that ISSUE-43 is not yet resolved. No further action is required beyond resolving ISSUE-43. This closes ISSUE-7.

(ISSUE-43 is “Re-using public entity identifiers”.)

ISSUE-56: Default termType for template-valued term maps should be IRI

This seems like a no-brainer to me, so perhaps it can be quickly accepted without requiring further discussion. So:

PROPOSAL: Resolve ISSUE-56 by accepting the change proposed in the issue description.

ISSUE-50: Validation criteria for mapping graphs

This was just a call for others to review a particular section of the spec. It can be closed without action, which I just did.

Addressing any of the other issues will actually require some discussion/work :-/


Received on Tuesday, 19 July 2011 19:02:38 UTC