RDF Concepts draft updated, incl. all-new section on literals

I've pushed a major update to the RDF Concepts editor's draft:

A highlight is the section on Literals, which implements the ISSUE-12 resolution on removing simple literals from the abstract syntax:

A summary of changes is attached below.

I believe this document is ready for publication as a working draft.


- Condensed the 2004 acknowledgements

- Updated the two sections on literals to reflect the ISSUE-12 resolution that simple literals are no longer part of the abstract syntax. Formally introduced the terms “language-tagged literal”, “simple literal”, “RDF term”.

- Updated the introduction, and removed many mentions of RDF/XML. Changed the normative reference for the terms in the RDF namespace from the RDF/XML spec to the RDF Schema spec. Removed any mention of the 1999 version of RDF.

- Replaced RFC 2279 reference (UTF-8) with RFC 3629

- Removed informative sections “Motivations and Goals” (see RDF 2004 version) and “RDF Expression of Simple Facts” (see RDF 2004 version)

Received on Thursday, 21 July 2011 13:03:59 UTC