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[announcement] RDF-star test suite

Adaptation of the semantics

Editorial PR about the seminal example

Metadata for RDF Statements: The RDF-star Approach - lotico

Minutes of the call on 2021-03-05

Minutes of the call on 2021-03-12

Minutes of the call on 2021-03-19

Minutes of the call on 2021-03-26 + no call next week

RDF-star Agenda for 2021-03-05

RDF-star Agenda for 2021-03-12

RDF-star Agenda for 2021-03-19

RDF-star Agenda for 2021-03-26

Relationship between RDF-star and reification

Request for feedback about RDF-star

Text about SPARQL-star built-in functions ready

Text about triples in VALUES clauses ready

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