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A semicolon in sqlQuery

Agenda for RDB2RDF Telcon 3-13-2012 -- Note one hour earlier for participants in Europe.

Agenda for today's telcon

Changes create.sql for spec-ref-no-pk

Detailed review of R2RML test cases, parts 0000-0006

directgraph.nt renamed to directgraph.ttl

Do we need a telcon next week?

EARL test report example - and a minor question

EARL to HTML generator

Fwd: [d2rq-dev] Preliminary support for W3C Direct Mapping

ISSUE-79 (ROWID): Concerns about implementability of DM for tables w/o primary key [Direct Mapping]

Minutes from March 13 Telcon

Minutes from March 6 Telcon

minutes from todays' telco

On relative IRIs and rr:template

patches to DM tests

R2RML Spec - Small typo in Figure 2

reference tests

REMINDER: Today's telcon is cancelled

Some Press on our Work!

TC - Delimited identifiers minor question

TC - minor question about rr:predicateObjectMap

TC - Trivial question regarding SQL queries

TC update

TCs updated

Test cases for BINARY columns

Today's telcon in cancelled

Tomorrow's telcon is cancelled :-)

Valid turtle?

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