Re: TCs updated

Hi Boris, Thanks for the fixes.  

Most of the issues seem fixed, there are some small clarifications below and missing reports.

On 29 Mar 2012, at 10:30, Boris Villazon-Terrazas wrote:
>> * D014
>> ** mappedb.nq 
>> *** The literal "PART TIME" should be "PART_TIME"
> Fixed
I forgot to report the same problems for "mappedb.nq":
* The literal "PART TIME" should be "PART_TIME"
* duplicate triple "<> <> "SMITH"  ."
*  "10"^^<>  should be "10"^^<> "

>> *** {\"deptId\"} needs to be escaped
> No, I don't think it needs to.
I get a parse error in the following triple (r2rmlb.ttl):
                    rr:inverseExpression "{\"deptno\"} = substr({"deptId"},length('Department')+1)" ];
Since it's inside a quoted expression "deptId" needs to be \"deptId\" or remove the quotes as in r2rmlc.ttl.  I actually don't know what the correct approach here is.

Also there seems to be missing a ';' before every " rr:termType rr:IRI;"  that you introduced.

>> *** Missing quotes around deptId, empURI, empTypeURI, graphURI
> No, they are ok without quotes
Sorry, somehow thought they were coming from the relational table.

>> ** r2rmld.ttl
>> *** {\"deptno\"}  and {\"deptId\"} need to be escaped
> deptno and dpetid are not in r2rmld.ttl
Sorry, must have gotten mixed up with this one.

>> * D025
>> ** directgraph.nt
>> missing data
> Yes, this is because I still parsing as nt  I have to change to ttl.
I guess I was too short in this one :)  What I mean is that there is data in the directGraph file although the create.sql script has no "INSERT" statements.

Thanks a lot, best regards,
Nuno Lopes

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