Re: TCs updated

Hi Boris, 

Thanks for the update.  It fixed some of the issues I also found but I still have some (semi-structured) comments below, if something is not clear let me know.  I can also send a patch file if you like. 

* D001 and D002:
   Wasn't the '/' in the bnode label to be removed?

* D009
** mappedb.nq
   There are some occurrences of '' which are not in the r2rml file, I think they should be ''

** r2rmla & r2rmlb
   Should we include the class declaration in the foreignKey :
           a rr:RefObjectMap;

* D011
** r2rmla
   There are missing quotes for the following capitalised attributes and relation names: Sport, ID, Description (the

* D014
** mappedb.nq 
*** The literal "PART TIME" should be "PART_TIME"

*** There is a duplicate triple:
      <> <> "SMITH" .

*** I can't seem to find out where does this triple come from:
   <> <> <>  .

** r2rmlb.ttl
*** same comment for rr:RefObjectMap as before.
*** {\"deptId\"} needs to be escaped
*** Missing quotes around deptId, empURI, empTypeURI, graphURI
*** I think rr:column should generate a literal but in the result there are URIs for "jobTypeURI", "empTypeURI" and "empTypeURI"

** r2rmlc.ttl
*** same comment for rr:RefObjectMap as before.
*** quotes around "deptId", escape \"deptno\", 

** r2rmld.ttl
*** {\"deptno\"}  and {\"deptId\"} need to be escaped

*** There is an error, missing "AS" in the SQL query  

* D016
  I was not able to create relations in PostgreSQL nor MySQL.  Might be the "BINARY VARYING" but I did not look too much into this issue.

* D020
** create.sql
  Extra comma after : "Name" VARCHAR(50),

* D025
** directgraph.nt
  missing data

best regards,
Nuno Lopes

On 26 Mar 2012, at 19:36, Boris Villazon-Terrazas wrote:

> Hi all
> I've refined some TCs thanks to Juan suggestions.
> The repos [1] and document [2] are updated.
> I'll continue working on them this week, and If I have time start working with the TH software
> Boris
> [1]
> [2]

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