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[Bug 1587] [FS] editorial: 4.2 Path Expressions

[Bug 2796] [XQP] updating nodes, then returning values computed from them

[Bug 2818] [ScriptReq] Extend the semantics of Ordered and Unordered Expressions

[Bug 2980] [ScriptReq] possible generalization of the current semantics

[Bug 3637] [XQuery] Adjacent text nodes

[Bug 3773] CastableAs648

[Bug 3972] Running Schema Import Feature tests

[Bug 4446] [XQuery] 2.3.4 Equivalent expressions

[Bug 4471] [F+O] Casting date/time timezone offset 0 values to string/untypedAtomic

[Bug 4471] [FO] Casting date/time timezone offset 0 values to string/untypedAtomic

[Bug 4521] K2-Axes-32

[Bug 4526] [UPD] Sections 2.4.*: Target should allow empty sequence

[Bug 4527] [UPD] Sections 2.4.1 insert/3.1.3 upd:insertInto

[Bug 4528] [UPD] Sections 2.4.1 insert/3.1.4 upd:insertIntoAsFirst: inconsistent ordering rules

[Bug 4529] [UPD] Sections 2.4.1 insert clarify that as first and as last only apply to into

[Bug 4530] [UPD] Section 2.4.1 clarify the notion of conflict

[Bug 4531] [UPD] Section 2.4.1 and others: allow resolving namespace binding conflicts

[Bug 4532] [UPD] Section 2.4.1 and others: clarify impact of element constructor semantics

[Bug 4533] [UPD] Add link from the update primitive reference to the definition

[Bug 4534] [UPD] Make external spec references consistent

[Bug 4535] [UPD] Section 2.4.4 Rename: make it optional

[Bug 4536] [UPD] Section 3.1.11 upd:rename

[Bug 4537] [UPD] Section 3.1.11 upd:rename: Add well-formedness check for attribute duplicates

[Bug 4538] [UPD] Section 3.1.11 upd:rename: Impact of DTD

[Bug 4539] [UPD] Section 2.4.5 Transform: rewording

[Bug 4540] [UPD] Section 2.4.5 Transform: simplifying syntax

[Bug 4542] [UPD] Section 2.6.1 fn:put: Remove it

[Bug 4548] [XSLT 2.0] Validation and uniqueness constraints

[Bug 4551] K-NormalizeUnicodeFunc-13

[Bug 4557] [Ser] How many phases of serialization?

[Bug 4574] [UPD] Section 2.4.1/3.1.3 upd:insertInto: Preserve order of inserted sequence

[Bug 4578] [FS] Possible error in filter expression normalization rules

[Bug 4589] [XSLT 2.0]Effect of stable="no" when sorting groups

[Bug 4591] [XSLT 2.0] inline import-schema with no namespace

[Bug 4593] [FS] 8.4 Inconsistency in note on prime subtyping

[Bug 4595] 1.0.3dev: document(*) with undefined context item

[Bug 4596] 1.0.3dev: typos in queries

[Bug 4597] 1.0.3dev: K2-DefaultNamespaceProlog-7 to 9, K2-DirectConElemAttr-69

[Bug 4600] [XSLT 2.0] validating duplicated attributes

[Bug 4601] specification of fs:convert-operand() inconsistent

[Bug 4603] 1.0.3dev: K2-Axes-97

[Bug 4604] 1.0.3dev: K2-LetExprWithout-20

[Bug 4605] K2-Steps-12

[Bug 4606] K2-Steps-14

[Bug 4607] K2-CondExpr-2

[Bug 4608] K2-ExternalVariablesWithout-10

[Bug 4609] K2-ExternalVariablesWithout-13

[Bug 4610] K2-ReplaceFunc-3

[Bug 4611] [UPD] Better error specification for updating function with declared return type

[Bug 4620] [XSLT 2.0] Implicit final result tree

[Bug 4621] [F&O] rounding for duration *|div number

[Bug 4621] [FO] rounding for duration *|div number

[Bug 4622] [XSLT 2.0] unparsed-entity-uri - absolute or relative?

[Bug 4624] Serialization problem in K2-ancestor-or-selfAxis-5

[Bug 4625] K2-BaseURIFunc-30

[Bug 4634] [FO] poorly formed back-references

[Bug 4641] [Ser] Document nodes should be replaced earlier

[Bug 4645] K2-Steps-13

[Bug 4646] K2-DirectConOther-59

[Bug 4653] Suggested improvements to schema for stylesheets

[Bug 4667] [Full text LC draft sec. 2.1] Status of text (nodes)

[Bug 4668] [Full text LC draft sec. 3.2] Examples with "because" need a change

[Bug 4669] [Full text LC draft sec. 3.3.4] Interoperability of thesaurus option

[Bug 4670] [Full text LC draft sec. 3.3.4] Examples for ISO 2788 thesaurus relationships

[Bug 4671] [Full text LC draft sec. 3.3.6] Why wild card options, not regular expressions?

[Bug 4694] <forLetClauseItemExtensions> element not documented

[Bug 4694] [XQueryX] <forLetClauseItemExtensions> element not documented

[Bug 4696] [XSLT 2.0] type-available() in use-when

[Bug 4697] [FT] editorial: 1.1 Full-Text Search and XML

[Bug 4698] [FT] editorial: 2.1 Processing Model

[Bug 4699] [FT] editorial: 2.2 Full-text Contains Expression

[Bug 4700] [FT] editorial: 2.2.1 Description

[Bug 4701] [FT] editorial: 2.3 Score Variables

[Bug 4702] [FT] editorial: 2.3.1 Using Weights Within a Scored FTContainsExpr

[Bug 4703] [FT] editorial: 3 Full-Text Selections

[Bug 4704] [FT] editorial: 3.2 Search Tokens and Phrases

[Bug 4705] [FT] editorial: 3.3 Match Options

[Bug 4706] [FT] editorial: 3.3.1 Case Option

[Bug 4707] [FT] editorial: 3.3.2 Diacritics Option

[Bug 4708] [FT] editorial: 3.3.4 Thesaurus Option

[Bug 4709] [FT] editorial: 3.3.5 Stop Word Option

[Bug 4710] [FT] editorial: 3.3.6 Language Option

[Bug 4711] [FT] editorial: 3.3.8 Extension Option

[Bug 4712] [FT] editorial: 3.4.3 Mild-Not Selection

[Bug 4713] [FT] editorial: 3.5.1 Ordered Selection

[Bug 4714] [FT] editorial: 3.5.2 Window Selection

[Bug 4715] [FT] editorial: 3.5.3 Distance Selection

[Bug 4716] [FT] editorial: 3.5.4 Scope Selection

[Bug 4717] [FT] editorial: 3.5.5 Anchoring Selection

[Bug 4718] [FT] editorial: 3.6 Cardinality Selection

[Bug 4719] [FT] editorial: 3.7 Ignore Option

[Bug 4720] [FT] editorial: 4 Semantics

[Bug 4721] [FT] editorial: 4.1 Tokenization

[Bug 4722] [FT] editorial: 4.1.1 Examples

[Bug 4723] [FT] editorial: 4.1.2 Representations of Tokenized Text and Matching

[Bug 4724] [FT] editorial: 4.2.3 The evaluate function

[Bug 4725] [FT] editorial: FTWindow

[Bug 4726] [FT] editorial: FTTimes

[Bug 4727] [FT] editorial: 4.3.1 FTContainsExpr

[Bug 4728] [FT] editorial: Semantics of FTContainsExpr

[Bug 4729] [FT] editorial: 4.3.2 Scoring

[Bug 4730] [FT] editorial: 5.2.14 Scoring

[Bug 4731] [FT] editorial: C Static Context Components

[Bug 4732] [FT] editorial: D Error Conditions

[Bug 4733] [FT] editorial: E XML Syntax (XQueryX) for XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Full-Text 1.0

[Bug 4734] [FT] editorial: E.1 XQueryX representation of XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Full-Text 1.0

[Bug 4735] [FT] editorial: E.3 XQueryX for XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Full-Text 1.0 example

[Bug 4757] 1.0.3dev:K2-Axes-53

[Bug 4758] K2-ancestorAxis-17

[Bug 4761] 1.0.3dev:K2-ComputeConAttr-55

[Bug 4763] 1.0.3dev: K2-InScopePrefixesFunc-12

[Bug 4765] [XQX] normalization of <xqx:attributeValue> element in <xqx:attributeConstructor> different for equivalent documents

[Bug 4766] [FS] 2.4.4 Example is backwards

[Bug 4773] [XQTS] version encoding tests should not have XQX counterparts

[Bug 4778] [XQTS] K-Function-Prolog-48 (XQueryX)

[Bug 4779] [XQTS] XQueryX versions of some queries not consistent with XQuery versions

[Bug 4829] Attribute normalization in K2-DirectConOther-49

[Bug 4830] Errors for unused order by in K2-OrderbyExprWithout-8,9

[Bug 4832] static typing: 'attribute' and 'element' need asterisk

[southerncross] Greetings and an Introduction

[XQuery full text] i18n core comment: language matching in XPath/XQuery

[XQuery full text] i18n core comment: Need for the term \"word\"?

[XQuery full text] i18n core comment: Notion of language

[XQuery full text] i18n core comment: White space in stop words

[XQuery full text] i18n core comment: xml:lang vs. language option in a query

[XQuery full text] i18n core comment: xs:language vs. xml:lang

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