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[encrypted-media] A number of minor corrections.

[encrypted-media] Access of session's "record of key usage" in the MediaKeySession Destroyed and Session Closed algorithms is inconsistent

[encrypted-media] Add more specific text about ensuring the desired privacy and cryptographic properties of identifiers

[encrypted-media] Add statement that all values exposed or inferable by the application must be per-origin

[encrypted-media] Clear Key support for persistent-license sessions

[encrypted-media] Complete review of security and privacy considerations sections

[encrypted-media] Consolidate requirements and recommendations related to persistent data

[encrypted-media] Explicitly state that distinctive and permanent identifiers may not be used without distinctiveIdentifier being "required"

[encrypted-media] Implementations that support modes with and without distinctive identifiers SHOULD expose this to the user

[encrypted-media] It may not be possible to return undefined from MediaKeyStatusMap.get()

[encrypted-media] Normatively referenced recommendations in Allow Identifiers to Be Cleared algorithm have been moved

[encrypted-media] Privacy: Update User Tracking section, including to specifically address Permanent Identifiers

[encrypted-media] Remove spec ISSUES related to #192, #207, #101 and #85; plus Issue #3 prior to CR.

[encrypted-media] Resolve question of support for insecure contexts

[encrypted-media] Revisit the steps where consent for distinctiveIdentifier is required

[encrypted-media] Simplify logic for setting <var>use distinctive identifier</var> and <var>persistent state allowed</var>

[encrypted-media] Specify mixed encrypted/unencrypted content

[encrypted-media] The Origin-Independent Individualization process would not generate a compliant Distinctive Identifier

[encrypted-media] Update the PR merge process in

[encrypted-media] Web IDL links in the EME WD point to the Web IDL ED

[encrypted-media] WedIDL: partial interface definition cannot specify inheritance

[media-source] "effective script origin" is no longer a thing

[media-source] Add at-risk item "VideoPlaybackQuality" to MSE spec, per recent CfC

[media-source] Add non-normative note that makes it clear that appendWindowEnd trimming is allowed

[media-source] Calling endOfStream after duration truncation may yield greater duration

[media-source] Clarify/remove 'stalled' and 'progress' events for MediaSource

[media-source] Consider making MSE attachment asynchronous

[media-source] Have appendBuffer and remove return promise.

[media-source] Need event to signal when decoder underflow has occurred

[media-source] Normative reference to High Resolution Time is missing

[media-source] Steps that fire events at media elements duplicate those in HTML5.1

[media-source] The fetch step in HTML5.1's resource fetch algorithm no longer exists

[media-source] TrackDefault.kinds attribute cannot have type sequence<DOMString>

Additional EME tests

CfC: Publish EME Candidate Recommendation with "at risk" features

CfC: Republish MSE Candidate Recommendation and modify "at risk" features

Creating effective RansomWare with EME

EME: ISSUE boxes in the spec

Formal Objection to Candidate Recommendation

MSE and EME timeline update

MSE test suite status update

Polyfill example

W3C, EME and EFF: Frequently Asked Questions

WG Decision: Publish EME Candidate Recommendation with "at risk" features

WG Decision: Republish MSE Candidate Recommendation and modify "at risk" features

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