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== A number of minor corrections. ==
I just completed a review of the June 10 Working Draft, and I ran 
across some minor typos and instances where the wording was unclear:

1. Introduction:  "This specification enables script to select content
 protection mechanisms, control license/key exchange, and 
**implement** custom license management algorithms."

Suggest execute or select or select and execute.

2. Definitions: Key Session:  "only media element(s) associated with 
**that object**"

It is not clear whether "that object" refers to Key Session or 

3. Definitions: Known Key: "...and any **license release message** is 

Add cross reference?

4. Definitions: Permanent Identifiers: "A Distinctive Permanent 
Identifier is not a Distinctive **Identifiers** because..."

s/Identifiers/Identifier/ ?

5. Section 3.1.1, 3rd paragraph after note: "in one at least one of"

Either "in one of" or "in at least one of".

6. Section 3.1.1 requestMediaKeySystemAccess method, step 
"Resolve promise with access and abort these steps."

The precise scope of "these steps" is not clear.

7.  Section 5, MediaKeys Interface, description of persistent-license:
 "A message of type "license-release" containing the record of license
 destruction will be generated when remove() is called until the 
record is acknowledged by a response passed to update()."

Difficult to parse.  Maybe fixed by comma after "called".  Also 
consider replacing "generated when remove() is called" with "generated
 each time remove() is called".

8. Section 6.2, MediaKeySession Interface methods:

In some of the methods, both **message type** and **message** are 
nullified, on others only **message** is nullified.

9. Section 7.2, HTMLMediaElement Extensions methods, step 5.1: "If 
mediaKeys is not null, the CDM instance represented by mediaKeys is 
already in use by another media element, and the user agent is unable 
to use it with this element, ..."

Please use explicit AND or OR between the three conditions.

10. Various locations: search for "resource fetch algorithm":

This is the only link to an algorithm where "algorithm" is part of the
 link text.  Is this deliberate?

11. Section 6.6.4, Session Closed, second note: s/furter/further/

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