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[Bug 10708] change normative alt text authoring requirements to informative advice

[Bug 13103] Visual formatting of content inside the pre element isn't available to assistive technologies

[Bug 13430] 2.2.3 Extensibility

[Bug 13436] Editorial changes to The Video element (4 of 5)

[Bug 13590] VHA Comments on HTML5 Draft Specification

[Bug 13727] regarding "phrase or paragraph with an alternative graphical representation"

[Bug 14870] autosubmit attribute for form elements

[Bug 8827] Inappropriate spec text and advice where images are not known

[Bug 9098] Correct the img element definition. Replace with suggested text.

[Bug 9485] Mandate all conformance checkers and validators must refer to WCAG

Action Item 173

Agenda, TF call Thurs 2 May 1500Z

Agenda: HTML A11y Bug triage telecon, 29th May 2013

Bug Triage sub-team wants participants

Call For Consensus: HTML Image Description Extension new Public Working Draft

Canvas-related action items

CfC: Publish three heartbeat drafts as WDs

CfC: to publish a revised “HTML5 Image Description Extension” Working Draft

handling bugs we have a passing interest in

HTML A11y Bug triage - Welcomes new members

HTML A11y Bug triage meetings

HTML to platform accessibility API guide

HTML-A11Y Task Force Agenda; 23 May at 15:00Z for 60 minutes

HTML-A11Y Task Force Agenda; 30 May at 15:00Z for 60 minutes

HTML-A11Y Task Force Agenda; 9 May at 15:00Z for 60 minutes

HTML5 A11y Testing Coordination - Teleconference Scheduling Survey

HTML5 Bug 13624 - <video> The pause-on-exit flag

Minutes from 2 May teleconference

Minutes from the TF teleconference on 16 May

Minutes: HTML A11y bug triage telecon for 29 May 2013

Minutes: HTML A11y bug triage telecon, 8th May 2013

Minutes: HTML A11Y TF Telecon, 9 May 2013

Minutes: HTML A11y TF, 23rd May 2013

More (Was: Some feedback on "Using WAI-ARIA in HTML" document)

Mozilla Moves to Implement Longdesc

New HTML Image description draft

New time for bug triage meetings

overdue action items

Overdue ARIA Actions

Overdue Media Action items

PF Approves Publication of a New HTML Image Description Extension Draft

Proposals for longdesc bugs...

Question on "HTML5 Image Description Extension" Working Draft

Question on “HTML5 Image Description Extension” Working Draft

Resolved needsInfo/wontFix bugs

resolving open longdesc bugs - new proposals

TF Agenda thurs 16 May

TF Call 05/30/2013 - Minutes

updated alt text sub section "A link or button containing nothing but an image"

updated: 'A group of images that form a single larger picture with links' in HTML 5.1

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