RE: overdue action items

Leonie to put tooltip bug into html5 next wiki Leonie"

Completed and closed in the tracker.


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Cc: Michael Cooper; Cynthia Shelly; Janina Sajka; Léonie Watson
Subject: overdue action items

There are some outstanding action items that it would be good to review an see if they are completed, obsolete, should get a new due date, be reassigned, ...
Organize joint discussion of testing task force and html a11y task force Michael Cooper.
File HTML bug about methods that should fail when an element has @hidden set Cynthia S
Start putting a Bugzilla Cheat Sheet together for TF due 20130201 Janina
Leonie to put tooltip bug into html5 next wiki Leonie

And in the interests of transparency, I have not done
Check whether we should be looking into accesskeys as an HTML issue Chaals So I have changed the due date on it, and it isn't overdue anymore.

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