Canvas-related action items


we have a handful of action items related to canvas that have been overdue  
for years. Are any of them still relevant? Should we be passing them to  
the Bug Triage team, or just closing them?

file a bug about arriving at spec text that speaks to complexities of how  
DOM elements behave in the shadowl DOM beneath the canvas -
Frank Olivier, Canvas

file a bug about accessible rich text editing with canvas -
Rich S

file defects for features necessary for focus ring and magnification -
Rich S

Write a high level write up of the use of elements to annotate the canvas  
subtree to support caret, spell and grammar checkers -



Charles McCathie Nevile - Consultant (web standards) CTO Office, Yandex         Find more at

Received on Wednesday, 8 May 2013 14:51:07 UTC