Resolved needsInfo/wontFix bugs



There are still a number of bugs with the a11ytf keyword marked Resolved
needsInfo/wontFix. We need to review them and either close them, or re-open
them against the relevant component of the spec and with the requisite


The bugs assigned to individual TF members have actions associated with
them. In response to Chaals’ suggestion those actions now have deadlines
(12th June 2013).














The bugs assigned to TF sub-teams do not have actions associated with them,
but we should aim to process them within a similar timeframe.


Media sub-team…


Canvas sub-team…


Text sub-team…


The process from here is this:


If you’re happy with the resolved status of the bug, you can verify and/or
close it (without removing the a11ytf keyword).


If you’re not happy with the resolved status of the bug, you can re-open it
against the relevant component (CR HTML5 spec for 5.0, or HTML5 spec for
5.1), and notify the bug triage team.


If you believe the bug is no longer an accessibility issue, you can remove
the a11ytf keyword, and optionally ping the person that filed the bug to let
them know we’re no longer monitoring it.



Thank you for your help.


Léonie on behalf of your friendly neighbourhood bug triage team, nagging




Carpe diem.


Received on Thursday, 16 May 2013 18:27:47 UTC