Re: Call For Consensus: HTML Image Description Extension new Public Working Draft

I support this proposal.



On 17 May 2013 19:27, Charles McCathie Nevile <> wrote:

> Hello,
> this is a call for consensus on the proposal:
> The HTML Accessibility Task Force requests the PFWG and HTMLWG publish a
> new Public Working Draft ("TR draft") of 'HTML Image Description Extension'
> based on the editor's draft at**
> proposals/raw-file/**fabd1f48c68e/longdesc1/**longdesc.html<>
> Silence will be taken as assent but a positive response is preferred.
> Responses will be accepted up to the end of the day (midnight in the
> latest time zone) on Friday May 24.
> For information, this was discussed in the Task Force teleconference
> yesterday - see the minutes at**
> html-a11y-minutes.html#item07<>but note that the resolution recorded there is actually an error, as per
> The plan is to have a Public Working draft which will be available for 2
> weeks of review, and unless new bugs are raised that cannot be resolved in
> that time to request republication of it as a Last Call working draft.
> For the HTML Accessibility Task Force co-chairs
> Chaals
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