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[Bug 10066] replace section 3.2.6 with the alternative spec text provided (ARIA)

[Bug 10077] The <embed> should support an alt attribute. While the embedded content should provide for accessilibility of the embedded object, the developer doesn't always have control over those content, some embeddable formats are inherently less accessible, and th

[Bug 10248] Canvas requires a Caret Drawing call method

[Bug 10249] Canvas requires a content selection method

[Bug 10251] Psuedo-Cascade of Multiple Accesskeys Definable for an Individual Element

[Bug 10252] HTML5 hard-binds "Action" to accesskey key-press

[Bug 10419] <video> should allow muted as a content attribute

[Bug 10438] math should be changed changed from no role to "math" role

[Bug 10440] menu type=context should have "menu" role

[Bug 10441] <link> that represents a hyperlink should probably have no role by default

[Bug 10444] ARIA section does not list elements that have no default role or role restrictions

[Bug 10445] Certain elements with no role should have that as a strong semantic

[Bug 10446] Consider limiting the roles of certain media and plugin elements

[Bug 10447] <output> should not have a status role by default after all

[Bug 10448] Consider broadening the set of allowed roles for command elements

[Bug 10449] Consider allowing various command-like ARIA roles for h1-h6

[Bug 10450] Allow lists to be used as menus or tab sets

[Bug 10451] Consider restricting the roles allowed for the label element

[Bug 10452] Consider documenting attributes that map to ARIA properties in a separate table

[Bug 10455] Mint a describedby attribute for the img element

[Bug 10462] merge ARIA mapping tables and list

[Bug 10463] provide a comprehensive HTML5 to accessibility API mapping reference

[Bug 10464] provide clear user friendly links to WAI-ARIA documents in the ARIA section of the spec

[Bug 10465] provide correct aria mapping and role info for the table element

[Bug 10467] provide headings in the WAI-ARIA section of the spec to make it easier to understand

[Bug 10478] modify table, tr and td roles

[Bug 10479] add role=radiogroup to details element

[Bug 10480] add role="presentation" on the ASCII fish image

[Bug 10481] Default role of <IMG> should be "img"

[Bug 10482] Should @usemap affect the default role of an IMG element?

[Bug 10483] <figcaption> should be considered the caption of <figure> _itself_

[Bug 10484] default roles for figcaption and caption: Make it simple to achieve accessibility

[Bug 10485] The img element with non-empty alt should default to the img aria role

[Bug 10486] References to "image" ARIA role should be "img"

[Bug 10493] "ARIA restricts usage of this role to one per page" is an unclear statement

[Bug 10494] modify aria example and fix spelling

[Bug 10496] fix error in aria conformance checker advice

[Bug 10497] What happens to role of <img alt="non-empty"> inside a <figure role="img">?

[Bug 10591] conflicting info for table element in aria section

[Bug 10592] "h1 to h6 element that does have an hgroup ancestor" not listed in ARIA section

[Bug 10593] thead, tfoot and tbody conflicts in aria section

[Bug 10594] conforming use of various aria attributes not specified

[Bug 10596] Clarify what <img> represents if no@alt, no@title and NOT the sole content of a <figure>+<figcaption> element

[Bug 10600] Strong semantics role="presentation" for <img alt="<empty>"> is wrong or inaccurate

[Bug 10603] Clarify what default roles UAs may assign to elements not listed in the ARIA section

[Bug 10604] Don't say 'empty' about @alt anywhere, say 'empty string' everywhere

[Bug 10605] Typo: Replace 'the alt attribute's value may be omitted' with '@alt may be omitted'

[Bug 10606] Define what alt="<whitespace>" means for <img>

[Bug 10618] Use "unmapped" rather than "no role" in the weak/strong ARIA tables

[Bug 10619] [WebSRT voice] Allowing A WebSRT voice declaration when the cue payload is WebSRT metadata text does not make sense, I think.

[Bug 10642] No alternative text description for video key frame (poster)

[Bug 10645] Add a modal attribute to html5 to indicate a modal segment of the DOM (modal dialog)

[Bug 10649] drag and drop

[Bug 10657] integration of "aria-autocomplete" with the various autocompletion mechanisms in html5

[Bug 10660] use < and > and not &#8592; and &#8594; to indicate previous and next

[Bug 10661] use an ISO 639-2 specified language for HTML5 documents

[Bug 10693] Need a means for navigating between related timed tracks of media elements

[Bug 10708] change normative alt text authoring requirements to informative advice

[Bug 10709] @title should be a required attribute for FRAME and IFRAME in HTML5

[Bug 10710] Require controls to have programatically associated names

[Bug 10712] Drag and Drop: Add an attribute to identify drop targets

[Bug 10713] Drag and Drop: Add guidance for keyboard-only interaction

[Bug 10772] accesskey and an ordered set of unique space-separated tokens

[Bug 10773] accesskey should chosen from document's declared charset

[Bug 10774] fallback for accesskey insufficiently defined

[Bug 10775] how is user to decide which set of access keys to use?

[Bug 10776] accesskey value token subsets

[Bug 10777] user agent assignment of modifier keys subset of accesskey processing subset

[Bug 10778] use element.accessKeyLabel to generate list of available accesskeys

[Bug 10779] triggering the Action of the command via accesskey

[Bug 10780] reference to definition of Action insufficient for definition of accesskey

[Bug 10781] are accesskeys case sensitive?

[Bug 10782] problems with button example for accesskey

[Bug 10783] change summary from an attribute to an element

[Bug 10784] change summary from an attribute to an element

[Bug 10831] Provide tablist and tab states for menu and command elements respectively

[Bug 10837] playbackrate: undefined behavior when the user agent can't play back at the requested rate

[Bug 10839] Providing visible indication that descriptions and captions are available.

[Bug 10840] Allow the user to independently adjust the volumes of the audio description and original soundtracks.

[Bug 10841] We require a method to allow the user to control playback timing in order to have more time to understand the material.

[Bug 10842] Support the isolation of speech from other background sounds in AV media

[Bug 10843] Support user control over the visual presentation of caption text.

[Bug 10849] provide means to add image content catagories to images

[Bug 10851] Javascript access to rendered (calculated) styling information of a DOM node

[Bug 10853] HTML5 lacks a verbose description mechanism

[Bug 10873] Provide a method of explicitly setting a tooltip for an element

[Bug 10888] Access Command Requirements for HTML5

[Bug 10896] enable device independent access to event handlers

[Bug 10903] provide an introduction to wai-aria in the wai aria section of the spec

[Bug 10905] clarify how assigning an accesskey to an element affects the elements default role

[Bug 10906] make the the conforming use of placeholder dependent on the presence of a label

[Bug 10914] Allow multiple space separated values for the ARIA role attribute

[Bug 10915] clarify why a command element that is not in a menu is conforming

[Bug 10916] Add a new <control> element to convey the common semantics of a script enabled UI control

[Bug 10917] modify user agent requirement for details element

[Bug 10918] provide better examples

[Bug 10919] Allow role="presentation" to override the default role of any element

[Bug 10921] put back direct link to the W3C version of the canvas 2d context spec

[Bug 10927] collection of all interactive (actionable, focusable) elements

[Bug 10931] Add details or summary to focus management section

[Bug 10932] add area to 7.4.2 Focus management

[Bug 10933] add link types that create hyperlinks to 7.4.2 Focus management

[Bug 10935] consider 10.4 Bindings impact on UAG

[Bug 10938] Add <textual/> - a visible textual substitute element w/link capability

[Bug 10941] Media elements need control-independent "pause" for presenting lengthy descriptions/captions

[Bug 10963] Table prohibited from being used as a layout aid

[Bug 10964] Canvas needs to support a backing store in the DOM subtree capable of supporting screen reading

[Bug 10967] Add @desclink, a description link attr. for any embedded element + figure

[Bug 10988] add slider element

[Bug 10994] accessKeyLabel can expose new information about the user and possibly also other origins

[Bug 11012] Also say that <area>/image maps is an alternative to @longdesc

[Bug 11152] Polyglot spec should mention accessibility

[Bug 5758] <audio> and <video> do not have sufficient support for synchronized accessibility content

[Bug 6494] Make the requiredness about alt more obvious

[Bug 6496] Allow <img aria-labelledby> to act as a text alternative

[Bug 7011] [in off-bug discussion] canvas accessible fallback provision is under specified

[Bug 7056] <caption> and <figure><legend> elements should allow flow content children

[Bug 7076] Client-side image maps attributes missing on the a element

[Bug 7362] inclusion of the title as a case where the alt may be omitted is problematic

[Bug 7404] "but only if the element is being rendered" needs to take into account <canvas> descendants if we're making them focusable

[Bug 7539] Since @summary is an official part of the table element, it is no longer obsolete. Suffienct warning language exists in it's definition that this entry should be removed

[Bug 7633] The use of @summary should be encouraged when circumstances warrant

[Bug 7721] Drag and Drop is not keyboard accessible

[Bug 8000] ARIA roles added to the a element should be conforming in HTML5

[Bug 8171] Implement the text alternatives proposal from WAI

[Bug 8187] Section 4.8.7 on video makes no reference to audio description

[Bug 8524] Guidance for Authoring Tool Markup Generators

[Bug 8622] Activation behaviour and pre-click activation

[Bug 8644] Fallback mechanism for embedded content

[Bug 8645] Alt text for images

[Bug 8646] Private communication exception

[Bug 8647] Define tab order for IFrame

[Bug 8648] Title attribute on the IFrame element

[Bug 8652] what to display when images are not available is not well specified

[Bug 8657] Allow UA to reload fallback content if it fails to load

[Bug 8659] Media events to indicate captions and audio descriptions

[Bug 8666] Keyboard accessible date pickers

[Bug 8671] Requiring the label attribute

[Bug 8673] Restriction on command element as part of a menu

[Bug 8681] Separator menu items

[Bug 8682] Tab and reading order for context menus

[Bug 8716] Replace img Guidance for Conformance Checkers with Suggested Text for Short Text Alternatives

[Bug 8717] Usability and Element-level-focus-apis

[Bug 8722] focus behaviour should be same for canvas regions as for elements

[Bug 8723] image map is underspecified

[Bug 8738] Role-based navigation

[Bug 8740] How do pseudo-class selectors interact with WAI-ARIA?

[Bug 8743] Auditory icons clashing with AT

[Bug 8750] User able to override the hidden attribute in incorrectly rendered pages

[Bug 8751] User should have ability to override automatic scrolling

[Bug 8752] Allow user to manage focus changes

[Bug 8753] Undo for drag and drop

[Bug 8754] Overflow when text is resized

[Bug 8827] Inappropriate spec text and advice where images are not known

[Bug 8872] split out and modify parts of Section the img element

[Bug 8885] Fallback mechanism for embedded content

[Bug 8929] In the assistive technology section, explicitly mention role and aria-* (as we do a few lines above for "custom data attributes")

[Bug 9061] allow image maps on the canvas element.

[Bug 9098] Correct the img element definition. Replace with suggested text.

[Bug 9113] re: "axis on td and th elements" text could say "Use the scope attribute on the relevant th"

[Bug 9212] Change the Generator Mechanism for img from Document Level to Element Level

[Bug 9213] HTML5 Lacks a Way to Programmatically-Determine Missing Text Alternatives

[Bug 9214] Allow role="presentation" img as conformance Criteria

[Bug 9215] Provide a Webcam example that is in accord with WCAG 2 or Defer to "HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives"

[Bug 9216] Provide a CAPTCHA example that is in accord with WCAG 2 or Defer to "HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives"

[Bug 9217] Remove the Paragraph-Section-Heading loophole for not providing a text alternative.

[Bug 9218] Enable Automatic Validators to Programmatically Determine the Presence or Absence of a Set of Text Alternatives

[Bug 9233] Incorporate a Link to UAAG with appropriate wording into browser sections

[Bug 9241] Explicitly state, "For guidance on accessibility requirements for text alternatives authors should consult WCAG 2.0" and link to WCAG 2.0

[Bug 9280] Add default button option/attribute for forms

[Bug 9326] HTML elements mapping to ARIA and A11y APIs

[Bug 9437] change ARIA section title and add extra text about use of ARIA

[Bug 9452] Handling of additional tracks of a multitrack audio/video resource

[Bug 9471] Introduce declarative markup to associate timed text resources with media elements

[Bug 9485] Mandate all conformance checkers and validators must refer to WCAG

[Bug 9623] <details> and <summary> are missing from the "strong aria semantics" table

[Bug 9673] Remove any reference to a specific Time Stamp format for video captioning from the specification at this time

[Bug 9817] Details element Focus problem

[Bug 9835] Remove image analysis

[Bug 9871] provide normative advice to conformance checkers about use of onevent handler attributes

[Bug 9872] trigger a conformance error when javascript is included in href attribute

[Bugs] Minutes Bug Triage sub-group 19 October 2010

[BUGS] Minutes Bug Triage sub-group 5 October 2010

[Bugs] Minutes Bug Triage sub-team 12 October 2010

[Fwd: Beware of W3C Accounting Phishing]

[media] handling multitrack audio / video

[media] RE: Media Matrix: Issue re Clear Audio

[media] Requesting Spec Text Additions

[minutes] Media sub-team teleconference: Oct. 27, 2010

Adopting the media accessibility requirements

Agenda: HTML-A11Y Media Subteam on 13 October at 22:00Z

Agenda: HTML-A11Y Media Subteam on 20 October at 22:00Z

Agenda: HTML-A11Y Media Subteam on 27 October at 22:00Z

Agenda: HTML-A11Y Media Subteam on 6 October at 22:00Z

Agenda: HTML-A11Y Task Force on 14 October at 15:00Z

Agenda: HTML-A11Y Task Force on 21 October at 15:00Z

Agenda: HTML-A11Y Task Force on 28 October at 15:00Z

Agenda: HTML-A11Y Task Force on 7 October at 15:00Z

ARIA mapping status

ARIA mapping sub team meet wednesday 13th october

block element inside a(link) element

Bug-Triage Sub-Team Meeting Tuesday, October 12, 15:00 UTC

Bug-Triage Sub-Team Meeting Tuesday, October 5, 15:00 UTC

color contrast feedback on new author view of HTML5 spec,

Fwd: ISSUE-32: table-summary - Straw Poll for Objections

FYI Reminder: table summary & canvas surveys close TODAY @ midnight Boston

help with ARIA and HTML implementation guides

HTML Accessibility Bug Triage Sub-Team Meeting Tuesday, October 19, 15:00 UTC

Media Accessibility User Requirements Published

Media Matrix Issue: TVD shouldn't list audio

Media Matrix: CN-1 missing the hierarchical concept

Media Matrix: Issue re Clear Audio

Media Matrix: Issue with DV

Media Matrix: Issue with DV-4

Media Matrix: Realign DV-1, DV-3, & DV-10

Media Matrix: Second issue with Clear Audio

Media Teleconference Minutes for 20 October

Media teleconference notes from 13 October

Media teleconference notes from 6 October

Media--Additional Requirement for Sec. 2.6 Captioning?

Media: Ancillary Content Redux

Media: Spec Text Addition Update

Minutes of the HTML Accessibility TF Bug Triage Sub-Group teleconference 2010-10-26

Minutes of the HTML Accessibility TF telecon 28 Oct 2010

minutes: HTML Accessibility Task Force Telecon 2010-10-21 [draft]

Minutes: HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference, 2010-10-14 [draft]

minutes: HTML Accessibility Task Force Weekly Telecon 2010-10-07 [draft]

no ARIA sub team meeting today

OFFICIAL PROTEST - Current Editor's Draft MUST be a W3C document

regrets for 2010-10-28

Review drafts of WAI-ARIA, support documents, and Role Attribute by 29 October 2010

thinking about HTML5 figure and figcaption elements

Unconsidered way out of ISSUE-30 (@longdesc)

Universal Subtitles

use of aria-hidden to provide a text description not visible on the page.

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