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[Bug 10712] Drag and Drop: Add an attribute to identify drop targets

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Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 02:38:33 +0000
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--- Comment #12 from Shelley Powers <shelleyp@burningbird.net> 2010-10-15 02:38:32 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #11)
> (In reply to comment #10)
> > (In reply to comment #9)
> > > To make this make sense I think I'm going to drag in the API proposals we've
> > > had before, so that this attribute can be defined in terms of that saner model
> > > rather than the current patchwork.
> > 
> > Hard to understand what your intent is from your comment. Can you provide more
> > details? What does "drag in" mean, and which API proposals?
> I think Ian is referring to a proposed more comprehensive redesign of the drag
> & drop API. The DnD API has been criticized in the past for being overly arcane
> and hard to author with, though compatible with what is implemented in Trident
> and WebKit at least. The existing API is useful for legacy content, but in the
> long run, it may be desirable to have a cleaner API for new content.
> As I understand it, Ian suggests that if we enhance DnD to add a way to declare
> drop targets, we may as well do a more thorough overhaul. I have no strong
> opinion on the merits of proceeding that way.

Is it essential to completely re-design drag and drop to incorporate this
change? If not, then it's more appropriate to focus on the requested change
associated with this bug.

Taking drag and drop back to ground zero when the spec is supposed to be in the
final stages of refinement is not a good idea. Whatever happens is likely to be

What might be a better idea is to remove drag and drop from HTML5, and into its
own spec. We have precedent with other smaller, topic specific specs. Then it
won't be as influenced by the aggressive timeline now in effect for HTML5. This
also then allows the accessibility community to work with the browser companies
and web application developers, to create an approach that all can be
comfortable with.

Whether people hate it or not, drag and drop _is_ one of the things that has
been implemented, at least in some browsers. If you're going to change what's
been  implemented, you need to make sure that what you put in its place is rock
solid; if you don't get it right the second time, the effort is going to lose a
lot of credibility. 

If you do keep it in HTML5, and you do decide to go the revolutionary approach,
I strongly suggest you have a good in-depth discussion on this with all the
players (web developers, browser makers, accessibility) in the HTML WG email
list. The original bug doesn't necessarily encompass this broad a possible

Just a suggestion.

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