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[agenda] Agenda for today

[agenda] Agenda for tomorrow's call

[agenda] Agenda for tomorrow's call - KoreanTF

[Agenda] BPWG Teleconference 2008-05-22

[minutes] BPWG Teleconference 2008-05-08

[minutes] BPWG Teleconference 2008-05-22

[minutes] Thursday 15 May 2008 Teleconf

ACTION-743: Looking for a Checker Task Force leader for the last couple of weeks

ACTION-745 (was Re: BP2 (BP mobile web-apps) - some words related to scope.)

ACTION-748: Conformance section in BP2

ACTION-753 on Mobile Support for Microformats (hCal etc.)

ACTION-756: Some more on the patent issues around CT

ACTION-760 Reiterate Caveat on MobileOK for Korean Task Force

BP2 (BP mobile web-apps) - some words related to scope.

ISSUE-248 (Microformats): Can mobile device browsers make use of microformats? [Mobile Web Applications Best Practices]

ISSUE-249 (DCCI): Should we include information use of DCCI in BP2? [Scoping document Phase 2]

ISSUE-250 (mobileOK License): The mobileOK License [mobileOK Basic tests]

ISSUE-251 (mobileOK Algorithms): Differences between the algorithms in OBJECTS_OR_SCRIPT and PAGE_SIZE_LIMIT [mobileOK Basic tests]

ISSUE-252 (Scope Document): Currency of Scope Document [Mobile Web Applications Best Practices]

ISSUE-253 (Incoming SMS): Binding to Incoming SMS from Script [Mobile Web Applications Best Practices]

ISSUE-254 (DDC 1.1): Revision of DDC and Retroactive Effect on BP1 [Best Practices Document]

mobileOK Basic - Wrong definition of included resources for CONTENT_FORMAT_SUPPORT

mobileOK Basic 1zl - proposed LC-4 draft

No call tomorrow (Thursday 29 May 2008)

OBJECTS_OR_SCRIPTS [was mobileOK Basic 1zl - proposed LC-4 draft]

PAGE_SIZE_LIMIT [was mobileOK Basic 1zl - proposed LC-4 draft]

Questions/Plans for BP2

Regrets for BPWG 2008-05-15

Regrets, report on accessibility document progress

sections 1.4.2 and 1.4.3


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