mobileOK Basic 1zl - proposed LC-4 draft

Hi folks

Per my ACTION-736 I have created an Editors Draft of the proposed LC-4
version of this document [1]. You'll find a diff at [2] or
shorter-by-far [3].




Some notes on this. (see the minutes of the meeting at which this was
discussed at [4])


a. The Object Processing Rule: I found that the proposed text was
actually wrong and substituted something I thought was right. Please
check carefully.

b. Total byte count: there is a difference in processing between the
PAGE_SIZE_LIMIT algorithm and the OBJECTS_OR_SCRIPT algorithm in that
they treat the Type attribute differently.

c. Well-known DOCTYPES

the decision on this was modified as discussed in [5]

I hope I have accurately captured this decision. Pls review carefully.


Jo Rabin
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