Re: ISSUE-253 (Incoming SMS): Binding to Incoming SMS from Script [Mobile Web Applications Best Practices]

While I am already personally supportive of talking about best
practices in push, for what that is worth --

On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 4:46 PM, Sullivan, Bryan <> wrote:
> The basic question is whether W3C wants to view the "Mobile Web" with
> glasses polarized to filter out anything that is not widely deployed on
> desktop browsers, as the definition of "web" to be inherited as the
> "Mobile Web". If it does so, it will ignore the unique characteristics
> of the mobile environment that make services so different/compelling
> (and the needs for service enablers also different). Push methodology
> (whether via OMA Push or SMS binding) is one of those unique
> characteristics.

No, the question is whether what you are proposing to write about is
an existing best practice. I don't see a need to cast this as some
kind of fight against prejudice and blinkered world views. Bryan you
cannot say WAP push is widely used, it simply isn't, compared to HTTP
+ XHTML + CSS. Nobody is disputing this is quite specific to mobile.
On those grounds one could legitimately challenge whether this should
be touted as a "best practice" by an organization like the W3C. It is
not at the top of my list, but I think people everyone's quite open to
entertaining this if you feel it is a best practice. Please let's move
forward and prove you're right by writing down what those best
practices are.

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