ACTION-748: Conformance section in BP2

Per ACTION-748, I was to check what we're to do about conformance with 
BP2 if we don't plan to have any mobileOK equivalent that applies to 
these new best practices.

As mentioned in last call for other reasons, BP1 and BP2 are informative 
recommendations-to-be. You can't claim conformance to BP1. What you can 
do for BP1 is to claim conformance to the normative mobileOK Basic Tests 
document that was based on some of the best practices of BP1. The 
conformance section that appears in BP1 only links to the mobileOK 

The same goes with BP2. If we do not plan to work on such a normative 
side-document for BP2, the equivalent "conformance" section for BP2 is 
rather useless, a mere: "watch out, there could be a normative doc out 
there that uses the best practices defined here!".

It is, at least, not compulsory to have such a section in an informative 

Received on Wednesday, 21 May 2008 15:54:56 UTC