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messages from Jim Fleming Keith Moore (Saturday, 27 February)

Re: IETF Agenda's and BOF's Richard Shockey (Friday, 26 February)

draft-earhart-acp-spec-00 Rob Earhart (Friday, 26 February)

mail archive for this group Keith Moore (Friday, 26 February)

http://parsontech.comm Ralph Fredella (Wednesday, 24 February)

IETF draft on good mailing list behaviour Jacob Palme (Wednesday, 24 February)

Requirements on IETF drafts: Pagination, forbidden words, etc. Jacob Palme (Tuesday, 23 February)

Binary data in text-based protocol formats Jacob Palme (Saturday, 20 February)

URLs in web-based groupware Jacob Palme (Sunday, 14 February)

Use of TELNET for testing protocols Jacob Palme (Sunday, 14 February)

Re: Last Call: HTTP Extension Framework to Proposed Standard Koen Holtman (Saturday, 13 February)

Another revision of the mux WG charter. Mike Spreitzer (Friday, 12 February)

Continuing to draft mux WG charter Mike Spreitzer (Wednesday, 10 February)

Drafting mux WG charter Mike Spreitzer (Tuesday, 9 February)

APPLCORE: An architectural question Graham Klyne (Tuesday, 9 February)

MIME message/external-body access types Graham Klyne (Monday, 8 February)

APPLCORE rough concensus? Chris Newman (Monday, 8 February)

RE: Application "core protocol" BOF/WG idea Yaron Goland (Thursday, 4 February)

Re: Application "core protocol" BOF/WG idea Graham Klyne (Monday, 1 February)

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