Re: URLs in web-based groupware

Jacob Palme said this:
> At 17.19 +0100 99-02-15, <> wrote:
> > There are even more reasons for wanting a family of
> >"equivalent" URLs, and these are a general problem on the
> >web.  The classic example is motivated by mirroring, where
> >you want each user to be fetching from a "nearby" mirror
> >and yet everybody communicates with URLs that are not
> >mirror-specific.
> That is handled by the URN standard, but we cannot use it,
> because it is not supported by current web browsers.

I am currently writing this into mozilla. We also have a plugin
for Explorer that we are working on improving. MS has made some
noise in the past of needing URN support. All of the software
is available at There are also
Java classes available for URN resolution.



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