Requirements on IETF drafts: Pagination, forbidden words, etc.

I just sent in two IETF drafts, and got them rejected by
the IETF secretariat because they were not in the right
format according to

Here are questions about some of the requirements in that document:

They say that IETF drafts must have 58 lines/page with form
feed between pages. I fully agree that this is the format
for published RFCs, but for IETF drafts it is very common
to have no pagination at all. To paginate a document is
quite a lot of extra trouble unless you have software which
will do it automatically. I suggest that either IETF relax
this requirement to be only valid for RFCs, not for IETF
drafts, or recommend some software which will do the
pagination for me, preferably as a Word macro.

The document says "The Internet-Draft should neither state
nor imply that it has any standards status." Does this mean
that it is not permitted to write, in an IETF draft,
sentences like "this standard only is valid for e-mail, not
for Usenet News" or "to comply with this standard, an
implementation must ..." or phrases like that? If the
answer is yes, should I change all occurences of "standard"
with the word "specification"?

Does this mean that it is not allowed to write for
example "Category-to-be: Proposed Standard" or
"This document is intended to become a Propised Standard
if accepted by the IETF" or something like that?

Surprisingly, the document says nothing about copyright
statement. Does this mean that the requirement for an IETF
copyright statement in each draft is not valid any more?

The document says that the word "INTERNET-DRAFT" should
appear in the upper left corner. Does this mean that the
format of the head must be changed from:

Network Working Group                                      Name
Internet draft                                       Affilition
file-name-00.txt                                        Country
Expires August 1999                               February 1999


INTERNET-DRAFT                                             Name
Network Working Group                                Affilition
file-name-00.txt                                        Country
Expires August 1999                               February 1999

Jacob Palme <> (Stockholm University and KTH)
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Received on Tuesday, 23 February 1999 14:42:30 UTC