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about http

ANNOUNCE: work@eit.com


Autoscroll on Netscape

broken DNS lookups by many web browsers?

Broken Time-zone handling in Netscape V2 and V3 (but not V1)


buy books..in USA..

Byteranges (Was: Re: GET HEAD to proxy)

custom authentication functions

Executing Expert System on WEB

FAQs and Facts: making www-html really useful

Forms problem

frames and cgi

GET HEAD to Proxy

help ..

help me ..

HTML slides multicasting

HTTP protocol regarding form elements order

I'm confused.....


Improve the traffic condition on the Internet

Improve the traffic condition on the Internet (fwd)

Improving traffic condition@inet


Informational Document: ILU Requestor

ISMAP vs browser-generated URL

JOB OPENINGS: Information Access Specialists, Princeton University

Managing WWW based Services: Your feedback please

Message from WEBER at BCRVM1

Need Info

no subject (file transmission)

PICS for cataloging

Polymap shareware release

Portuguese government wants to free a Terrorist.

PUT and FTP?

QUESTnet 96

Receiving requests

Resolve Relative URLs

Restricted software distribution via http/ftp

Survey on WWW Quality of Services

WebCompare 4.1 is out

www-talk configuration (Re: Message from WEBER at BCRVM1)

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