ISMAP vs browser-generated URL

The ISMAP attribute of the IMG element make an image "clickable". When activated, an URL is generated by the WWW 
browser and send to the WWW server. Generated URL are not always build the same way! Even using two browsers from 
the same provider (netscape for windows and netscape for X-window) do not guaranted an uniform behavior!

Question: Where can I find THE EXACT RULES that govern URL manifacturing.

As example, the netscape browser version for windows append the cursor coordinate to the URL defined in the map 
file. The netscape browser version for X-window doesn't react the same, it remplacing the QUERY_STRING portion of 
the URL defined in the map file.

So, having defined:	default  /cgi-bin/program/path_info?query_string

    will generate on windows version: 	/cgi-bin/program/path_info?query_string?x,y
    will generate on X-window version:	/cgi-bin/program/path_info?x,y

Thank for help.				Danielp

Received on Tuesday, 26 March 1996 11:25:56 UTC