Re: custom authentication functions

We have a server extension system to replace CGI with an object 

It masks the differences between the different APIs, and gives you a 
common distributed object interface using ILU.

One of our interfaces is an Authorizer, which passes requests to a 
published object to see if the operation is allowed.  This published 
object can encapsulate NIS, mSQL, or an in-memory object system as the 
user database.

In your case, you could publish your Authorizer on NT, and implement it 
using the VC++ calls into the NT ACL system.  Then, your Unix httpd's 
(or Netsite on NT, or IIS on NT) could use NT as the user database.  
Because connections are always open with our CGI replacement, 
performance should be pretty good.

Our Authorizer is only a first attempt at a simple solution to a complex 
problem, so more thought needs to go into the security issues.  But 
perhaps it would be of value to you.

BTW, all our stuff is publically available (read: free).


Paul Everitt       Digital Creations  540.371.6909

Received on Wednesday, 27 March 1996 09:58:40 UTC