Re: authentication

although cgi scripts don't get the www-authenticate header, you can get this
information by hooking into the netscape server api.  Overall I've 
found nsapi pretty usable.  Granted, getting married to netscape may be 
a tragic fate.  But you can handle the authentication yourself, and you 
can arrange to pass authentication data to cgi scripts that need to be 

>The real problem is that the CGI script doesn't get invoked > until *after*
the username and password are validated. If you want the CGI > script to do
the validation, you're out of luck. 

>Your real problem is a DIFFERENT problem than not being able to get
the authentication headers. If you want your CGI script to do
authentication, you need to disable the server authentication. You'll
then have to get the authentication data from the server somehow.

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Received on Thursday, 28 March 1996 12:21:48 UTC