I'm confused.....

     I have an NCSA httpd server running on a particular system.  There is 
     a PC that (using Netscape) can't access that server.  It can gopher 
     there, telnet there, and even ping there so it can physically get to 
     it.  While watching the logs during an attempt it logs the "GET" 
     command, but after that nothing.  And the guy on the PC says that 
     nothing is happening there.  It cannot access other items http-offered 
     on the same box, either.  But it can get web pages from other servers 
     on other systems.  And other PCs have no problem webbing to that 
     server.  The only thing that doesn't work is that PC doing http 
     connections to that server!
     I confused how this could happen at all, let alone how to correct the 
     problem.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Or even who I could ask?
     Jim Meritt

Received on Thursday, 11 April 1996 16:33:30 UTC